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Welcome to our shop! 
My name is Kayla Bridget Williams-Maclean and I am the owner and creator of Sandwich Bay Studio. I am a 29-year-old freelance artist, designer, and mom. I am a self-taught artist ever since I could hold a pencil! The photo above is me wearing sealskin boots made (kamek) made by my great grandma and namesake Bridget Jacque/Williams from Makkovik 

I started Sandwich Bay Studio as a way for myself and my community members from Labrador to have a place to sell our arts and crafts online. Ever since I first created my online shop I had a dream of being able to share some of my community’s crafts online for the rest of the country to buy. Keep checking back for more and watch us on Facebook at Sandwich Bay Studio 

if you are an artist in Labrador and would like your crafts posted in my online shop please send me an email at info@sandwichbaystudio.com

More about me below

that’s me down there 👇 

My goal for this business is to allow other Labrador crafters to showcase their work alongside of my own work, so that we have a safe place to post and sell our wares. If you know any Labrador artists who are looking for more places to sell their work send me a message. 🙂 I do not take a cut for myself.

Echo Henoche is an Inuk artist and emerging animator from Labrador. Granddaughter of acclaimed Inuk artist Gilbert Hay, Henoche grew up surrounded by Inuit art, crafts and storytelling. Raised in the tightly knit community of Nain, on Labrador’s North Coast, Henoche has spent her life immersed in Labrador Inuit culture: living on the Land, studying Inuktitut at school and learning to make traditional crafts and clothing. Self-taught, Henoche developed her unique art style from depicting what she knows best: the landscapes, animals and people of northern Labrador. She recently made her directorial debut with the animated short "Shaman" (2017), created in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. The film was part of the official selection for the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto, ON, the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, CA, and California's American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival in Temecula, CA. Henoche is motivated to continue creating works that represent her community.